Friday, November 30, 2007

The beauty of life as we know it

I am at the computer thinking about the weather. It is almost winter here on the east coast. Yet when I went riding around the other day I saw trees holding onto their leaves. Some were absolutely brillant they looked like a flame. Then it really hit me hard when I saw flowers blooming on bushes that should have long ago stopped blooming.
Global warming as it is really hits each and everyone of us while the weather becomes more and more intense in so many ways.. There are water shortages in the south. Fires in the west. Storms flowing in the north. Here in the northeast we seeminly are having the best weather of all. Regardless this is the life that we have. I am not complaining. I do not know what else to say about this other than this. The beauty of life as we know it is changing every day.....every day we have to get closer to what we really want to do in life.
Before there was the laws of man there were the laws of the universe. We live and then we die. Hopefully in between we enjoy every moment of every event. Somehow when life is not working the way we want it to it becomes a painful event. Through the pain we gain insight and learn how to do things a different way.
Sometimes we repeat over and over again the same mistakes...for instance do you ever get into a fight with a loved one and have the same fight over and over again...oh you do. Well that is the lesson you need to learn. Until you learn to say what you really mean then you are doomed to repeat the lesson over again.
For instance if you are really saying love me...but you actually say..."you forgot to do"...".you don't really care about me"..."how could you"...etc.....if you are really saying love me because I am afraid you may not....then say is just like the leaves that linger on the tree long after they need to fall. They may be beautiful to look at but they remind us that things are out of sinc in our lives.
Nature they say is a reflection of how we as mankind are living our lives. If that is true then we a whole need to be in sinc with ourselves. I know for a fact there are plenty of people out there who do not have a conscious and it is a foreign experience for them to feel remorse or even be able to reflect what they have done to hurt others..
But I also know there are more people who do have a conscious and really are searching for the truth within themselves. It is the time to find out who you are and be grateful that you are on the path you are on...for the rest of you ...get into the holiday spirit...learn to release and let go...this is the time to forgive and forget the past and look forward to the future with an open heart and know what ever it is that you want you honestly will receive.
Re evaluate your life and look at the beauty of nature. Look at the beauty of your life. Change your thinking and you will change your world....peace to you...enjoy your life...Denise

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Flow of Life as we know it

What is better on this earth than enjoying the sunset? So many pleasures we are given to enjoy and take in. Because it was just thanksgiving we had food to eat. Friends and family to enjoy. Weight to watch increase and laughter all around.

After the laughter and the gathering we are back to the business of living. All around us right now are thoughts of economic failure, enviornmental problems, war, domestic problems and where are we going with all of this?

The flow of life as we know it has not really changed. The way communication is distributed has changed but life as a whole has not changed. We breathe, we live, we die. There is nothing magical about that but that is what we do. The stuff we do in between is what counts. I once had a thought of ...what if the real meaning of life was to stay focused in on the now. The real now the time that just is right now even as you read this. Not the past which is every word that has passed but the immediate energy in which you are now.....the thing called life...what if being in the present and not having plans for a day was what it was all about.

Imagine just being. Imagine just feeling love. Imagine just knowing that you did not have to do anything but just be. In this state of consciousness you would be open to what is motivating you. You would be open to what it is that you are supposed to be doing with your life. You and me all of us on this earth truely have a purpose to fulfil. Most of us get bogged down with the nitty gritty of life and forget what our true goal is.

For each person it may be different but none the less we all have a job to do. Most of us are stuck on the commerical break and not working on the movie of life that is who we are. We are divine beings of light period. what does that mean anyway? That means we can create our lives to be what ever we want them to be. In this time frame it seems that people believe they are helpless in the world. The world is our responsibility and we are the guardians.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wonder is a beautiful thing

Wonder is a beautiful thing....what else do we have but wonder in this world. What else do we have but the dreams that make us get up in the morning....Without dreams our world becomes cold. It becomes flat. It turns into a pattern that we follow day in and day out. I am convinced that life as we know it has the potential to open and create for each and everyone of us a diagram of what our purpose is.

Sometimes we do not follow the inner voice that drives us to do what is right. I am sitting at my computer right now doing what I do best. Discussing life with myself and put my thoughts out to others about what life may have to offer.

I am not sure if my life is really at it fullest potential at the moment. I am sure that I am doing the best that I can. Have I spread my self too thin? Am I doing so many things that I am not doing for myself? These are the things I think about.

I went to a beautiful website today and enjoyed the beauty of Lake Quinalt in Olympic National Park. I took a quick vacation mentally soaking in the glory of nature. There are so many wonderful places to visit on this earth. When I use my imagination to visit these sacred places on the planet I feel rejuvinated. The smell of the moss. The coolness of the lake. The quiet of the forest broken by the gentle footsteps of the animals that remind us who is visiting who.

It is the mystery of the fog that settles like a blanket over the floor of the meadow that brings peace and stillness to my mind and heart.

So what do you do for yourself to take time out and enjoy your life. Daily living can really cause anyone to become bogged down and just through your hands up in the air and say "hey there is just not enough of me to go around!" You could do that ...I am sure at times we all do that. I do not want to become stale in my joy of living. There are times that I know I am not living to my fullest potential ...I know I already mentioned that but it is true. I do not want to be in rut.

Life is so what is it that you want.....take time to look and wonder.....wonder is a beautiful thing....enjoy

Monday, November 5, 2007

What a Beautiful Life

Ok so sometimes life is not so beautiful. Ok so sometimes you are bored and not sure what to do. Have you ever been in a place in your life that you knew instinctively that things had to change. Not that you wanted things in your life to be different but, you realized that if you did not change them they would be this way for a long time!

Well what did you do to evoke change in your life...let me ask you this....are you afraid to make changes in your life? Are you worried that if you change your life something or someone you love would leave?

I have heard of people who keep the status quo because they are afraid. Afraid of being a success, failure, alone, rich, poor, married, single, with children, without children, homeless, too much of a mortgage, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not young enough, not old enough, not creative get the picture. Well what is stopping you from receiving your dream of dreams...what is stopping you from being the very person you want yourself to be.

Are you stopping what you want out of life because you do not believe you deserve it . OR do you stop yourself because you do not know how to get what you want...I will ask this of you. IF you could have anything that you wanted (outside of asking someone who has passed away to come back) in this lifetime what would it be? Stop and think for a long while on what it is that you want out of your life. What did stop you.....?????? Was it because of,,,,career,,,,,happiness,,,,,marriage,,,,choices what.....What stopped you? Let me say this....I have tried many things in life. I have been responsible for some of the largest events that you would recognize. LiveAid was called USA for Africa...I worked with many people to do the leg work on that...Bill Graham was my former boss. He worked with others and it became a legendary success. I have coined phrases that are now house hold expressions. There is a program in New Jersey that I worked on with Walter Borowitz that we put together that went to state legislature. It is for Fire and Ems personnel and their families to reach out for counseling....Did I make great sums of money for my efforts. NO but, I did reach the goal of many things that I wished to accomplish.

My time is coming to reap the rewards but for now I am happy to work and do what I want to do. This is one thing that I enjoy more than anything else. Writing and hopefully inspiring people to do what they want to do....with their lives....Life is short my friend and getting shorter all the time. I ask that you do not stop yourself from enjoying your life. I ask that you send this blog to friends and enjoy your lives....DO what you want to do is a beautiful life after is the only life that you will know so enjoy each second as if it is your last because you never know really when that day is.......go out and do good things and be the person you know you are...peace and lots of love to you....Denise

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Life We Live

Life is short. You have heard that said over and over again.... What does that mean to you? To me it means not doing what I want to do and doing things that are required of me not what I want to do. Right now I am reworking my life and doing what I want to do everyday. I realize that the secret is how I allow myself to spend my time. How we spend our time is dictated by what we do. That is absolutely true.

There are certain things we cannot avoid. Paying bills. Working so we can make money to pay the bills. Cleaning the house. Shopping etc...etc...etc... What we have control over are our thoughts. I am working on stopping wasting my time on thoughts that get me no where. They are the thoughts about "what might happen if." They are the thoughts about people,places, and situations that I have no control over.

You would think that after surviving cancer I would spend each and every day in joyous celebration over having a second chance at life. That is how I spent many of my days following the end of treatment. Then life started to get in the way. I lost the vision of what was importanat. I started to think about things that I had no control over. Worry was the number one enemy in my life that prevented me from taking the time to re evalutate what was important. Even when I knew that life is as fragile as an egg shell I allowed myself to go head first into certain situations that did not promote my emotional well being and as a matter of fact I became lost in the emotional ocean of worry, anger and fear.

Then one day I said to myself, "Hey what are you doing? Do you realize that you are wasting the life that was given back to you!" I was amazed that I allowed myself to become bogged down with things that I could not change even for a second. There are certain things in life that you just have to accept. I do not think I need to give examples of this. I am certain we are all aware of what we waste time on.

I want to be alive and live life. I want to be in a state of joyful wonder all the time. I do not want to wonder and worry about life. I just realize that acceptance of life is greater. I have taken life by the horns and want to ride it for all it is worth. I know that I can do what ever I want to do. The trick is to know what to do....

That is what I am working on now. I want to be able to go out and lecture, write again, and just enjoy the day. Enjoy your created where you are...if you do not like it then change it. Remember to take care of yourself....Enjoy the day

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift of the love you can give to yourself. I was thinking back on my life and how free spirited I was as a teenager. Of course you do not have all the responsibilities that a parent has to raise children...that is if you have children...then you may have a house with a mortgage or at least rent to pay.

So what happens to the joy of living after a while? Do you become bogged down with the day to day issues of house cleaning, bills to pay, yards to keep up, garbage to take out, people at work to deal with, health, family, friends, relationships, and it goes on and on. What do you stop to do to appreciate even one second of your life? Do you do anything at all for yourself?

Every day on the news there is something that comes at you to make you stop and think about what is going to happen to your world. Are you depending on the voices of others to tell you what is happening in the world or are you using your own gifts of observataion to clue in to what is happening to your world?

I am sitting in my room looking over the beauty that is in my life. There are so many things to be thankful for I cannot count my blessings. I know what I need to do in order for my life to become balanced. My life at times becomes more entangled than I like it to be. Then I remember it is by my choice that the events in my life are going in the direction they are going. At times it feels likes a river that is flowing so fast that the force of my life has a direction all its own and there is no way I will be able to redirect it. Then a thought comes up that acts like a fortress to slow down the current of life and I have time to reflect and redirect my life.

That is what is happening right now. I am on the verge of making some big changes in my life. They begin first by putting serious thought into what I am about to change. Then the results of my decisions are what I need to consider before I move. It is not that I am no longer spontaneous in my life decisions. I am ...for instance ...I love to just take off when I have a free weekend and explore....where ever for as long as the time it takes to get there...and then there are times when planning is a necessity .....for obvious reasons...right now....I have to think...think ....very long and hard about my life and what is going to be the right direction for me and how I am going to do the work I really would like to do. Writing a blog is a decision I make when I sit down I do not know what I am going to write about...but I know I made a commitement to myself to go out there and write.....

So the reason for todays the greatest gift you can give is share your thoughts with others....share your love with others....give yourself the same gifts you give others....thank you.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Weekend

Everyone knows that weekend has the feeling of being off and doing whatever you want to do. It is the reason so many people work and glorify the days is a thought that most people carry with them thru out their lives...but there are those who work weekends, holidays, nights etc and around the clock.

This is a short blog to just remember those who work all the time. Paramedics, doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters and others who are there to serve you all the time...this is just a short note to remind you that the next time you are out to dinner on the weekend...who is working to serve you. When you are on the road and stop for a cup of coffee who is there in the store. ...when you are going food shopping who is there to serve you....lets not forget the farmers who work all the time to feed us and of course those of us who are parents our job is never done....take the time to give a big smile and a thought of appreciation to all those who are there for us everyday....and oh yes let us not forget the military...they do it because they want a people we are pretty wonderful.....think of God and think of others....have a great to you on Monday....and oh yes I did write this on the weekend...cheers

Friday, October 26, 2007

It Your World

Today I was thinking about how it is my world. That means to me that whatever I want to deal with on a day to day level really depends on what I want out or in my life. I was thinking about relationships in general. What is it that makes me upset? What is it that makes me happy? What is it that I want in my life.

Thinking about these things made me realize...again....that it is what I allow to come into my world affects my life. I do not have control over anything but my thoughts. That is the same for you as it is for me. At times I really do forget that with a capitol "F!"

My thoughts guide my moods at times...I imagine they do that for everyone. When I am happy there is nothing that gets in my way. When I am angry everything seems to be in the way..Isn't that life in general.

I was discussing with a friend about a certain incident in my life. It's not important what it is right now but, what is important is how my friend wanted me to become aware that standing up for myself could end up a struggle with others. For example...say a neighbor decides to build on your approach the neighbor and they deny that it is your property. You have your property resurveyed. It is your property they are on. Now the neighbor barnstorms and huffs and puffs and states they have connections in town and "just try to make me take this down."

You may think many things but the obvious is true....if someone gets hurt on your side of their deck you are responsible for their injury...if you sell your property you need to have it settled you go about your business and take care of it your friend tells you to be careful because "they have power in town." Now what does that mean. Does that mean you will be in trouble because you did the right thing and asked what is rightfully yours be returned?

I say this because so many times friends without meaning to upset you They do it when they do not support your actions but project their fears,experience or expectations upon you. So what do you do? Do you react to their statements? Do you defend your actions? Or do you allow them to just state their truth and continue to do what you need to do to take care of yourself?

The reason I pose this question is because most of life seems to be a series of choices. We make choices everyday. We choose what we eat,drink and think. We choose where we work. We choose who we associate with. We choose who we talk to. We choose every action. Some things become automatic.

Have you ever found yourself driving in the wrong direction eventhough you knew you were traveling somewhere else? You then think "Oh I made the wrong choice." So sometimes what we choose in our lives is by auto pilot....

So what do we do? We take time to think. What is it that I want. How is this choice going to change my world? How is this choice going to benefit me in the long run? Hey, most of us do not even take the time. Sometimes my choices are sooooooooooooooooo wrong I cannot even believe I did, say or acted in a certain way. That my friend is auto pilot. Acting in a fashion that may not even have worked a long time ago but we program it into our consciousness.

The good news is we can change that anytime that we want. So enjoy your life. View your world and change what you know will make you a greater person....Have a great life....add a dash of love to everything you do and life will run a lot smoother.....take care...Denise and welcome to my world.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Divine Beings and Beyond

I was thinking last night about my life. Some of the stories of my life are really just snapshots of what I remembered as a child. Funny how life shapes you. One story that I want to share is one of those moments when you realize that telling your parents what you really are experiencing may not be the wisest move of all.

Here goes....I remember very vividly as a child waking up every morning so I would be able to view the morning star. I would wait until the sun rose so I would the first one to say good morning to the world around me. It was a long time ago and I think back that probably I did not grow up with many material things. My parents as I look back must have struggled to raise both me and my brother. So I relied on my imagination to keep me occupied.

This however was not my imagination. For many mornings on end I remember be visited by a man who wore a long robe and a hood. He was no threat to me. When you are a child you know things by sensing. How many of you remember not liking to visit someone because "it felt wrong" or some children "don't like the smell" of the house or person.( I believe as children we are closer to knowing the truth about people than adults give us credit for.)

Anyway this person who I could not see his face would tell me incredible stories. The one I liked the best is that he told me,"You can have anything you want in your life. You must really desire it and it will be yours." Well say no more to a 3 or 4 year old. I was off like a shot into my parents room. I blurted out, " Mommy - Daddy there is a man in my room who told me I could have anything I want...I want a Mickey Mouse Watch!" Man was I pleased with myself...I was waiting for this to be greeted with "OK" instead my mother and father bounced out of bed. They ran into my room. My Dad was ready to kick some butt. They both came back and told me I scared them and not to tell stories like that again. I was crushed...note to not tell mom and dad about people in my room in the future...

Now that I am older I realize that this was the first of many strange things that have happened in my this is just the beginning. I have more stories and hope you enjoyed what I am writing. I will try to connect to rss so it will automatically update in the future.

I know now that what was said is true. It is the basis for every success in life. You need to believe and it will appear. If you put your whole heart and soul into your life you will reap wonderful rewards. Of course you will have some lessons to learn about life as well. But that is what makes us richer after all.

I have written books before and I am intent on writing more in the near future. I have lectured before and I am intent on lecturing again...You can do what ever you want as well. In order for you to have your dreams come true you must first write them down and look at them everyday. Change what does not feel right and re write it. For the most part I do not share with those who would shoot holes in what I really want in this world. It is between me and the Divine or God. I just know that no one can create my destiny. I know that there are stronger energies out that that create all we need. Just look at your life now. It is the sum total of all you believe you deserve and what you know to be true....I can share with you this...when I had cancer my doctors at Sloan Kettering...the best place in the world I might add...thought I was going to die...they did not say a word to me ...I kept saying I was fine....and here I am believe in you no matter what....stay me and write your friends....I need some help understanding how to get this blog out to as many people as I if you have ideas or know about blogs let me know.....Denise....have a dynamic day and may you be prosperous in all you do.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Re: Hello to everyone

Hello everyone...I am going to be sharing topics that affect each and everyone of us on a daily basis. My life is just like yours. I experience the same joys and sorrows that you do. All of us are mere reflections of each other. I may not be you but, I can guess that at some point what I write will be similar to what you have experienced.

I am not writing to do anything else other than inform and possible give a new perspective on your life and experience. I have a boatload of stories. Some will be funny. Some will be sad. Some may even make you say'WOW." In any case I hope that you will enjoy this site.