Thursday, October 25, 2007

Divine Beings and Beyond

I was thinking last night about my life. Some of the stories of my life are really just snapshots of what I remembered as a child. Funny how life shapes you. One story that I want to share is one of those moments when you realize that telling your parents what you really are experiencing may not be the wisest move of all.

Here goes....I remember very vividly as a child waking up every morning so I would be able to view the morning star. I would wait until the sun rose so I would the first one to say good morning to the world around me. It was a long time ago and I think back that probably I did not grow up with many material things. My parents as I look back must have struggled to raise both me and my brother. So I relied on my imagination to keep me occupied.

This however was not my imagination. For many mornings on end I remember be visited by a man who wore a long robe and a hood. He was no threat to me. When you are a child you know things by sensing. How many of you remember not liking to visit someone because "it felt wrong" or some children "don't like the smell" of the house or person.( I believe as children we are closer to knowing the truth about people than adults give us credit for.)

Anyway this person who I could not see his face would tell me incredible stories. The one I liked the best is that he told me,"You can have anything you want in your life. You must really desire it and it will be yours." Well say no more to a 3 or 4 year old. I was off like a shot into my parents room. I blurted out, " Mommy - Daddy there is a man in my room who told me I could have anything I want...I want a Mickey Mouse Watch!" Man was I pleased with myself...I was waiting for this to be greeted with "OK" instead my mother and father bounced out of bed. They ran into my room. My Dad was ready to kick some butt. They both came back and told me I scared them and not to tell stories like that again. I was crushed...note to not tell mom and dad about people in my room in the future...

Now that I am older I realize that this was the first of many strange things that have happened in my this is just the beginning. I have more stories and hope you enjoyed what I am writing. I will try to connect to rss so it will automatically update in the future.

I know now that what was said is true. It is the basis for every success in life. You need to believe and it will appear. If you put your whole heart and soul into your life you will reap wonderful rewards. Of course you will have some lessons to learn about life as well. But that is what makes us richer after all.

I have written books before and I am intent on writing more in the near future. I have lectured before and I am intent on lecturing again...You can do what ever you want as well. In order for you to have your dreams come true you must first write them down and look at them everyday. Change what does not feel right and re write it. For the most part I do not share with those who would shoot holes in what I really want in this world. It is between me and the Divine or God. I just know that no one can create my destiny. I know that there are stronger energies out that that create all we need. Just look at your life now. It is the sum total of all you believe you deserve and what you know to be true....I can share with you this...when I had cancer my doctors at Sloan Kettering...the best place in the world I might add...thought I was going to die...they did not say a word to me ...I kept saying I was fine....and here I am believe in you no matter what....stay me and write your friends....I need some help understanding how to get this blog out to as many people as I if you have ideas or know about blogs let me know.....Denise....have a dynamic day and may you be prosperous in all you do.....


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this is a great site thanks

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Hey denise, its me Baris, from bergen...I was the musician dude that introduced you to Professor Krikun if that helps...well I really like what your doing..and your thoughts flow in the same vein as thank you...i'm going through some hard times right now...this helped me in a sense of "things being up to you and you make yourself"...keep in touch...i have alot of thoughts and I want to accomplish alot...Baris