Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Day New Thoughts

What is it that you really want to do with your life. Let me share some of the things that have been going on in my world. I have new ideas and new thoughts every day..sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't.

What I have been doing is making a list of what I want in my life. Sometimes just speaking to a friend can bring out inspiration. We all need to be pushed a little bit to make our ideas into reality. Everyone right now is focused on the news and what the newsmakers are telling you ,"what we need to be concerned about." It seems that money is on everyones mind right now.

How is the change in the economy really affecting you? I cannot answer that question for you. You can only answer that for yourself. What is the cause of your anxiety over all of this? Please take the time to answer that for yourself.

I can share this with you, it is short but sweet. I really believed that I didn't need to follow my heart for the longest time. I believed that I had to be what someone else wanted me to be. I would sit and nod my head and be on top of the latest and greatest information in the industry that I used to work in.

I came up with ideas great ideas that others used. If I shared with you what those ideas were you would instantly know what I was talking about. I did not receive credit yet others reaped financial reward and awards. Then I came up with an idea for a story and shared it with someone he now wants all the credit for what was originally an idea I had based on dream.

So what do you do when someone steals your ideas? Do you continue on and come up with more ideas and then one day you will be the master of your ideas and your life? It is that when we believe that others deserve what we have worked for we give up our power. We hand over our
truth. When we stand by and say go ahead I cannot defeat you we defeat ourselves...

You have to be brave and strong in this world. You have to stand up for what you think is right. You may not always be victorious over people who have a skewed view of ethics but you are being strong in fighting for what is rightfully yours.

This has been called the world of illusion by many Masters. I know that at times the veil between reality and the shadows of the illusion part. I have seen the beauty of the Divine.
Right now is a call to arms. You need to be a part of new revolution. It is the revolution of the world of love. You have what you have. Your mind and your thoughts are all that you have. Do you hand over your opinions and thoughts to the workings of the media. Do you really take the time it takes to explore who you truely are? You my friend are a being of LOVE a being who was created by the Divine.

The world we live in is a classroom. It is not dictated by money. Sure money does pay the bills and supplies you with your daily needs. Money does not heal the soul. Money does not take pain and suffering away from your heart. It is your mind and thoughts that are stronger and more powerful than the stock market.

Without love and compassion in your life there is no life. You become an empty shell devoid of feeling the pleasures of life. That is all I am saying....Turn off the news. Be in the present moment go through your thoughts. Release and let go of those thoughts that do not help you. Find peace within yourself.

Remember you are Divine Love. Prosperity is a state of mind. This is the one thing that I can say for sure if you bless everything in your life things will change. Try it for yourself. Peace to you...Denise

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Beginning of A Story

Today is the beginning of a new day. I will be posting my story Maryanne and the Majic Horse and the Band of Innocence.

Many years ago a story came into my head about children being so powerful that through their innocence they were able to change the way adults conducted business.

It goes with the old addage...a small child shall lead them.
Mary Anne is a young girl who is neither little or a teen ager...that is one of the hardest times in life if you remember...well. you wil be able to see the full segments soon. Please share this with all your will inspire and bring joy to all who read it...The Story Begins...

Band of Innocence
MaryAnn and the Band of Innocence
Type of Work: Text
Registration Number / Date:
TXu000669463 / 1995-01-23
Application Title: Mary Anne and the band of innocence.
Title: Mary Anne and the magic horse : a story.
Description: 1 v.
Copyright Claimant:
Robert Agnello, 1953-, & Denise R. Cooney-Zajkowski, 1951-
Date of Creation: 1995
Other Title: Mary Anne and the band of innocence
Names: Agnello, Robert, 1953-
Cooney-Zajkowski, Denise R., 1951-
Zajkowski, Denise R. Cooney
The Library of Congress
United States Copyright Office
101 Independence Ave., S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20559-6000
Female Narrator
Every story has its beginning. Tonight is no different. Stories from many countries and around the world talk about the beginning of time. Before I go any further you need to know the story of how it began. This is a story of Mary Ann and her Band of Innocence.
( Sounds of thunder can be heard in the background)
Fade to black
(The camera swings into a circle.)
Clouds are swirling and lightning is flashing.
Shrouded figures are coming into view.
As the camera ( or scene develops)
Six figures are sitting around a fire.
In the fire are images coming into view.
Images of the creation of the earth.
The figures are of the elders
They sit in a circle Each time the camera
(or storyboard frame) zooms in on the character
Around the fire are the Elders who control
the world that you cannot see.
(The Camera or story board comes to the first Elder.
Each character will be drawn or seen as an element
of what they represent. In the scene will be
dramatic portrayals of each character)
The Fire Elder. The Nature Elder. The Wildlife Elder.
The Water Elder .
The Sky Elder and Mother Nature.
The Narrator:
Many years ago before life began on our
planet the great Elders of Earth gathered
and decided how this wonderful planet
would be populated.
Scenes of the Earth forming
(Include shots of an ethereal matter
Coming into shape.
Dramatic scenes of water rushing in
Volcano forming and images of the four
Elders creating form on the earth)
The Fire Elder created the volcanoes that
made islands and valleys.
The Water Elder formed the oceans.
(Scenes of Oceans and Rivers.)
The Sky Elder made the sky blue, created
The wind and air for all to breathe
(shape of the wind and clouds
take human form in the sky.
Blowing and flying thru the
The Nature Elder decorated the planet with
All that you know and see on the Earth.
(Scenes of flower, grass, trees, vines,
Forests and jungles being formed. )
The Wildlife Elder worked to bring from
Her mind all the creatures that you see.
(Camera pans to all fish swimming, inscets buzzing,
Animals coming out of the jungle and birds flying)
The Earth is thriving with life.
Then the Elders saw that they needed
Someone to guard all they created and
The spirits of the Elders were formed
to be guardians
The spirits of fire, nature, wildlife, water, and sky.
Mother nature touches each spirit that is the guardian
She is in charge of all who dwell on this earth.
All beings lived together without war.
Then the humans were born.
With that the spirits wrestled with what
They were taught to do.
There was an uprising and chaos ensued.
Shot of a man on a hill over looking a meadow that’s teeming with plant
and animal life. Close-up of his face shows a smile. A dark shadow slowly
crosses the land and comes over his face and his calm, serine smile
becomes a wicked grin.
There actually was a time when man and
plants and animals all could speak the
same language and live in peaceful
Scene of people and animals walking and talking together
The guardian spirits who protected the
world were at ease now. They let man
multiply. To the four corners of the Earth
they settled. Agreeing to never take more
than their fair share of this wonderful
planet. Always protecting and respecting
the Mother which was this earth.
Scene of dark shadows falling across the ground
With any lifeform egos ensue. What was once harmony
Becomes a place where people want power. Humans seem to forget
That they were created to be in harmony with the earth
And their brothers. What happened next was a day that created
The change in the world. The Elders knew it would happen
It has happened so many times before. This they knew would be no different.
They anticipated this and they gathered.
(Camera shot of the Elders meeting with a young girl)
When they gathered they laid out a plan. They put the plan in a safe place
It was with a girl. A child of 10. She had the innocence of youth. She trusted that when someone would not steal anything. She shared everything she had. That was what made her special. She shared her ideas and stories she trusted everyone. What the elders were about to tell her changed everything.
Fade to Black
Modern day shot
Here our story begins.......
Scene changes
United General Hospital
Labor and Delivery scene
(Haran Kazan is 6’ and strong
He is the considers himself
The wealthiest man in the country
possibly the world.
He is a ruthless individual.
He steals everything ideas
From inventor and says they
Are his own. He bullies
People into giving up their
Rights and takes over their
Businesses he only cares about
Money and power. The greater
The power the more he controls.
He is a dealer in fear and corruption)
Flashback scene
Camera zooms into his defense company
Shows him taking papers out of hand
(Shot of young man in an office standing by a desk)
I had no idea you that you were willing
To corrupt our ideas . You wanted to
Work with me to develop technology
That would heal people
We never agreed to take these plans and
Make weapons and use this for destructive purposes
I do not care for you and your weakness.
Prove you had this idea first. I am the one
Who came up with the money to take this
Plan further. Leave with your good intentions
Money and Power are not for the weak.
Back in the hospital
He is seen
here talking to a very nervous
Dr. Kalish he is a Labor and Delivery doc and is half Kazan’s his height)
I really don’t care who is in the wing of
this hospital. Do you know who I am? I
could sell you right now to a country
where your family would never ever hear
from you again. I could do the same to your
family if you get in my way. My wife is
giving birth to my son. My heir. My legacy
and I don’t want anyone paying any
attention to anyone else. I want every
nurse and every doctor to make sure
my wife and child have the best, do you
understand, the best care they can get. And
if anything goes wrong
His voice echoes like thunder thru the halls of the hospital. The whole
staff has listened to everything Haran Kazan has said. Some turn to leave
but Kazan’s men are standing by the exits.
Dr Kalish
But Mr. Kazan Sir. I can’t move all the
patients from their beds just...
Mr. Kazan cuts him off. His voice is in a quiet rage.
Doctor, do you want your children to
always wonder what happened to their
Kazan waits as four of his rather large employees surround the doctor.
Dr. Kalish
(Yelling so all can hear)
Please everyone listen up. We need to evacuate the patients from the E wing. We
can move them to the 3rd or 4th floor. The
chapel is also a consideration.
But Dr. Kal…..
Dr. Kalish
Did you hear what was said here. Please
for everyone’s sake just lets get this done.
The whole hospital staff start moving patients into the hall. There’s
Confusion and orders being barked out. Security has questions but in the end the E wing is
completely cleared out.
Haran Kazan’s wife is now wheeled into a room at the end of the E wing.
She is hunched over and doesn’t seem to be aware of what’s going on.
The doors are closed immediately and after some time the doctor emerges
sweating and looking very worried.
Dr Kalish (CONT’D)
Mr. Kazan your wife is in serious
Dr Kalish (CONT’D)
The fetal monitor shows that the heart rate of the child is slowing down
We need to move quickly. You could lose the mother and child.
The doctor steps back Haran Kazan’s looks at the doctor with vengeance
In his eyes Haran stops himself he knows that his wife and child will not survive if he explodes. He has learned over the years to control himself in situations where he wants to be the most destructive. In his mind he wants to show the doctor a lesson but he knows a nervous doctor will kill his child.
I know you want to help my child. DO IT DON’T STAND HERE. LEAVE BEFORE I…..his voice trails off.
The doctor leaves quickly..he shouts…
Team lets get the mother prepped for delivery.
He is thinking to himself
I care about baby. He is going to carry my name
and my legacy .A truly wonderful line
of humanity. This son will be the future.
My future. If anything happens to him,
Kazan looks at the clock. It’s 10:30 AM
Scene Change
(Doug Leso is a out of shape
of man. He is an ordinary person..
His shirt is half out
of his trousers with a couple of
the buttons not exactly buttoned right.)
Doug runs into the hospital he just about knocks over someone he looks up and sees that Doctor Pruden is waiting for him. Out of breath and bent over with his hands on his knees he whispers
Doctor Pruden you remember my deliver and she’s about to
Dr. Pruden who is Millys OB/GYN
looks at the old woman standing next to this young man. She
has the most electric blue eyes he has ever seen and
she’s leaning on a silver cane. A wisp of a smile crawls across her face and the doctor is in a
NANA (speaks up for doug)
I’m sorry my son is a little confused. This
is his first child. Milly is actually still in
the car but the poor boy is beside himself.
The Dr. Pruden shakes off the fog mentally
Mr. Leso where is your wife?
She was, I can’t believe it I …geez….I
Doug Leso goes running out of the hospital. The doctor waves to a nurse
to go with him. The nurse is following him as he goes thru the hospital
doors. As he goes out a very pregnant woman walks in.
Oh here’s my daughter in-law Doc.
A nurse gets a wheel chair while the doctor is looking for Doug to come
Dr. Pruden she is not doing well her water broke
about an hour ago and she’s in a lot of
pain. I think there is something wrong.
I don’t know but this doesn’t feel
right. There was lots of blood when the
water broke.
She is weak and passes out.
Milly can you hear me? You are with me Doctor Pruden.
I am here and will help you will help you.
Nurse take Mrs. Leso to the labor and delivery. We have an
Emergency. (He looks at Milly) Do not worry about a thing
I have a good track record and you have an appointment
With destiny….you are going to be a mom.
Dr Pruden looks around and says
Ok people lets get this show on the road ..we have a baby to deliver and a
Mom who needs our immediate care. Stat people this is not a dress rehersal!
The nurse is going to start and IV to help Milly get the medicine she needs to deliver.
( says to Milly) You will feel a slight pinch and a tug. I am going to
Get ready to deliver your baby. I need you to focus look at me. Ready?
At that point Doug Leso runs in approaching a guard at the door and almost knocks him over as well. The guard grabs him.
Call the police. Someone delivered my
pregnant wife. I mean someone stole my
wife who’s pregnant. Oh no maybe they
kidnapped her for the baby? Maybe she
wandered off and she’s going to end up
having it on..
Doug, Doug, Milly’s up on labor and delivery
You had better go to her. You don’t want
To miss this moment. I will meet you upstairs.
Now GO!
Doug goes over to the desk sweat pouring all over his face with huge
sweat stains under his arms.
I’m having a baby I mean my wife well
were having
Sir, Did you register your wife? You know you have to fill out the papers first.
Doug fills out the forms Nana heads to the elevators.
I don’t like this. (she is thinking to herself). This is what was foretold
I only hope we are not too late.
Nana is about to step in the elevator but then decides to take the stairs.
People get in to the elevator but the doors refuse to close. Then they close
half way trapping the people inside. Someone hits the alarm and a
maintenance man comes running to the elevator just as Nana slides thru
the staircase door on her way to Labor and Delivery
So that’s how they want to play it
Nana turns, smiles and stamps her cane and the elevator doors open then
she climbs the stairs. As she gets to the third floor she notices a cold
breeze following her.
So your here but you can’t stop it
Something growls and laughs in a low distant voice.
Nana stamps her cane twice and smiles and the laugh is gone.
Nana waits for Doug. She is uneasy. She knows that Milly has gone into unexpected labor with complications. She sits with her eyes closed and goes into a world that no one can see. In the shadows she see figures that move towards the delivery room. She follows them in and with one word stops them in their tracks. With that the baby is born a beautiful 6lb 4 oz girl.
She screams and she has 10 fingers and 10 toes. Molly is tired as the nurses tend to her. Doug is weak in the knees and faints when the baby is born.
10:30am time of birth. Good job mom and dad
Doug is weak in the knees and faints when the baby is born.
DR PRUDEN continued:
Nurse help the father. Everyone in the room chuckles.
Molly sighs.
Ah this is motherhood!
Nana is relieved they ( the spirits) are gone but she knows what she needs to do. She opens her eyes and waits for someone to tell her the good news.
Scene Change
General Hospital
Haran Kazan is standing with his men when the doctor comes out of the
waiting room. The dark shadow is still on the floor and the chill is still in
the air. The doctor notices this but ignores it. He has other issues.
Mr. Kazan?
(Dr. Kalish is uncomfortable always in these moments he is avoiding looking into Mr. Kazan’s eyes. )
What happened Dr. Kalish
Is the baby alright
I am sorry to tell you that there was a problem with your wife
(Voice softens almost as if he cares)
I asked about the baby. My son.
The baby is fine Mr. Kazan He’s healthy
and alive but your wife I’m sorry..
As the doctor tries to tell Mr. Kazan that his wife has died Mr. Kazan
pushes him out of the way and enters the operating room. There’s blood
all over the table and his wife is motionless.
He rushes over to where the nurse has the baby.
He grabs the baby from her hands and looks into the baby’s eyes.
This is my son. Jason. I have waited for
you. You will be what I am and more. You
will have the life my father could never
give me.
(he thinks to himself) You will grow to be powerful,
smart and above all else a man. Of courage
and strength. Haran Kazan has his legacy.
His voice seems to thunder across the halls of the hospital.
Dr. Kalish tells the nurse
Everyone handles grief differently. I feel sorry for the child he has a hard road ahead.
Dr. Pruden comes into the waiting room to talk to Nana
Nana you are a grandmother of a beautiful baby girl.
Thank you Dr. Pruden I know you did everything you
Could to help my granddaughter and daughter in-law.
How did my son do?
DR PRUDEN continued
Trying to hold back a smile.
He did not do so well he fainted
He is recovering nicely.
Seriously, things looked grim for a while but
Well. I am not sure what happened but
Things turned around and
She certainly will have an charmed life.
She is a special little girl. I understand
Her name is Thelia. That is a magical name.
She smiles.
You are so right Dr. Pruden You are so right.
Doug and Nana go into the maternity room. There is Milly and the baby. The
baby’s eyes are wide open and when Nana enters the room the baby starts
to coo. Doug goes over and kisses his wife and Nana moves closer to the
Honey I was so worried but Mom was right
Your Mom’s always right Doug
It was Doug that saw this Milly. He’s the
one that helped it along.
(looking at the baby)
Oh my I can’t believe it. She’s so beautiful.
Doug she looks like Milly. Doesn’t she.
Nana I think she looks like you
I don’t think so dear. She has your beauty.
(Milly interrupts)
Honey I knew you wanted a different name for the baby, But when they asked I said Thelia is that ok? I just thought……
Thelia? That’s my mothers name.
They both look at Nana and she smiles a smile that lights up the room.
Nana I owe so much to you. You are so
much a part of this family that I would like
to bless this baby with your name.
I love your Mom. Thelia.
Milly passes the baby over to Nana. And a wisp of a smile comes across
the baby’s face.
Over the next 10 years both Thelia and Jason live very different lives.
Jason is a bully. Typical underhanded boy. He is mean to everyone and never is found out because he threatens to hurt the kids if they tell. In school and around adults he is a perfect gentleman. He is a chameleon and a dangerous one at that
Thelia on the other hand is the champion for good and kindness. Her soft
touch and gentle words gain the respect of everyone from child to adult.
Her Dad is amazed at the understanding Thelia has shown to everything
and everyone except her brother.
It’s 1982 and the scene opens with a shot of anywhere USA. Sprinklers on
the front lawns, paperboys delivering papers and even a milk truck
delivering milk. In the background you can hear Eye of the Tiger playing
on someone’s stereo.
Camera closes in on two houses with RV’s parked in the driveways. These
are the homes of the Leso’s and the Parker’s. They are preparing for their
annual mountain camping vacation. Two woman are running back and
forth between their houses and the RV’s. They stop to talk over a small
row of hedges.
Every time we go away he gets lost on
some errand. This time it’s batteries. Last
time it was rope. Jeez I think he just makes these things up. And I’m left packing the cmper
That’s OK You’ll get a lot more done
without him. Bill went in to deal with the
kids. Every Saturday it’s the same thing.
Yelling and screaming. I told Bill let’s just
get Thelia a small TV for her room. But Bill
doesn’t want anything that could take her
away from her school work. I feel so bad.
She really misses Nana.
It’s just been over a month and I still can
see the look in her eyes. She holds onto
that silver cane like she’s waiting for Nana
to come back and get it. So sad. And I miss
her too. She was always someone I could
talk too and she understood Thelia so well.
They were like sisters rather than
granddaughter and grandmother.
It’s such a shame. She was so healthy. I
think this trip will be good for Thelia. Mia
has been talking about it all week. Maybe
she’ll really enjoy it?
I hope so. I don’t know what else to do.
Summer is almost over and I don’t want
her going into the school year with this
weight on her shoulders. She’s only nine.
It’s too young to have a loss like this. It’s
so senseless. One day Nana is gardening
and the next moment she’s gone.
Young Thelia and Bill Leso are arguing in the living room of their home
like they usually do on a Saturday morning.
“We always watch your shows Thelia why
can’t I watch mine. I never get a chance.
Bugs is coming on and you made me miss it
last week to watch Faerie Tale
Forest. I am tired of the same …
(Thinking to herself she does not even pay attention to him anymore. She could play out what he says like a script…she curls up her nose and pretends to say what he says all the time)
I think I hate him. I know he’s my brother and I love him but I hate
him. He’s so annoying sometimes.
Scene of Bill hiding on a tree branch.
Like the time he hid in the trees just to scare me and my girlfriends or
when he taped conversations about what my friends said about the boys
and played them back at dinner. He is always around and bothering me
when I’m concentrating on homework or just trying to sit and dream. And
now since Nana passed away.... How long has it been.
(Shots of Thelia and her
It was her Grandma or Nana as the kids called her that practically raised
Thelia. But Nana is a whole other story.
(Still dreaming thinking to
Well today is the day of our family’s big camping trip. Every year we go
with Mia’s family. I’m just not in the mood this year. I love Mia and she’s
my best friend and everything but I can’t get into the week camping spirit.
I know Dad really likes Mr Parker because they both work at The Cookie Factory. Everything I do or see or hear or smell reminds me of Nana.
Even thinking of Dad and Mr. Parker. When Dad comes in to do career day
he brings in a sample of all the cookies he makes or has invented.
(Scene of Thelia’s Dad standing in a classroom with Thelia handing out
And here we have Thelia’s favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies
Thelia’s loved Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Nana used to talk about her young days in
Baking with her mom in London and it sounded so wonderful
Thelia could not wait to grow up and
go with Nana there. But now Nana is gone.
When Thelia’s Mom had told her about Nana passing away Thelia couldn’t
believe it.
Scene of Thelia’s Mom crying and talking to Thelia. Her Father stands
behind them with tears in his eyes.
Her immediate reaction was to cry but she had this feeling that
Nana wasn’t really gone. She felt no loss in her soul as Nana had told her
(Flashback )
She is holding Thelia
Remember Thelia when you love someone they live forever in your heart. Whether it is a person or an animal. Their love lives and stays in your life. No one really dies they just change. Just like when you dream you feel its real. I want to tell you even when it is my time….and that time will come…I promise you I will never leave you ..Just think of me and I will be there. I promise. Believe me.
She did feel Nana was still around. She starts daydreaming about Nana and the stories she would tell. About the spirits of the earth and the spirit of man and animals. She’s jolted back to reality by her brother Bill playing his toy bugle in her face.
Thelia screams and grabs the trumpet and throws it against the wall.
BILL (Screaming)
“Thelia I think you broke it,”
The two children start to argue.
Dad Thelia broke my trumpet. My favorite
Dad Bill almost blew out my ear drums.
(Entering the room)
“OK thats it. Both you guys go upstairs
and get ready we’re leaving in about five
minutes and I don’t want to hear
Dad looks at Bill
“Has to go to the you know what, to do you
know what. Understood.”
Bill looks down and nods.
“I would like to hear how much you two
love each other or silence on a Saturday
morning but I could settle for a yes Dad if
you two will get ready.”
“Yes Dad,”
Both Thelia and Bill run upstairs to get ready.
The Leso’s and Parkers finally make it to their campsite in the mountains
but only after a couple of pit stops. The night air was crisp. There were so
many stars that the sky looked like a blanket of snow. All around were the
sounds of the night. The adults and children finally settled into their tents
and were all asleep. Thelia was the only one who couldn't fall asleep that
(lying in her sleeping bag)
"Strange, I keep hearing voices. As if
someone’s calling me but I can’t make out
what their saying. Mom. Dad. I hear
something. The voice sounds so familiar.
Is there someone out there?"
Thelia again tries to wake up her mother and father but they would not
get up. Even her brother Bill, who was always around, was fast asleep in
his sleeping bag..
How could they sleep so soundly?
I wish we could have slept in the camper.
Thelia needed to find out what the sound was so she got up and walked
outside the tent to sit by the fire.

"This is real weird. Something or
someone is calling to me”.
Out in the darkness beyond the light of the fire voices mingled with the
night sounds.
A faint sound is heard
Out in the darkness Thelia could see shadows. Was it here imagination or
were they were taking shape.
OK so if I can’t sleep maybe I can make a
game out this. Like Nana and I did with the
clouds in the sky on our picnic
Thelia stood up and tried to make out the figures in the night.
OK that shape looks like a lion, and that
one looks like a Navajo warrior with a
headdress. That ones easy that looks like a
Viking helmet. That’s a ninja sword and
there is a suit of armor.
She looked to her left just thinking that Nana would be standing there. But
no one was there. Only the shadows.
Her thoughts went back to the stories her Nana would tell her, of the
Great Spirits, the Ancient Ones and a group known as the Band of
Shot of Old woman reading to Thelia by a fire.