Friday, November 30, 2007

The beauty of life as we know it

I am at the computer thinking about the weather. It is almost winter here on the east coast. Yet when I went riding around the other day I saw trees holding onto their leaves. Some were absolutely brillant they looked like a flame. Then it really hit me hard when I saw flowers blooming on bushes that should have long ago stopped blooming.
Global warming as it is really hits each and everyone of us while the weather becomes more and more intense in so many ways.. There are water shortages in the south. Fires in the west. Storms flowing in the north. Here in the northeast we seeminly are having the best weather of all. Regardless this is the life that we have. I am not complaining. I do not know what else to say about this other than this. The beauty of life as we know it is changing every day.....every day we have to get closer to what we really want to do in life.
Before there was the laws of man there were the laws of the universe. We live and then we die. Hopefully in between we enjoy every moment of every event. Somehow when life is not working the way we want it to it becomes a painful event. Through the pain we gain insight and learn how to do things a different way.
Sometimes we repeat over and over again the same mistakes...for instance do you ever get into a fight with a loved one and have the same fight over and over again...oh you do. Well that is the lesson you need to learn. Until you learn to say what you really mean then you are doomed to repeat the lesson over again.
For instance if you are really saying love me...but you actually say..."you forgot to do"...".you don't really care about me"..."how could you"...etc.....if you are really saying love me because I am afraid you may not....then say is just like the leaves that linger on the tree long after they need to fall. They may be beautiful to look at but they remind us that things are out of sinc in our lives.
Nature they say is a reflection of how we as mankind are living our lives. If that is true then we a whole need to be in sinc with ourselves. I know for a fact there are plenty of people out there who do not have a conscious and it is a foreign experience for them to feel remorse or even be able to reflect what they have done to hurt others..
But I also know there are more people who do have a conscious and really are searching for the truth within themselves. It is the time to find out who you are and be grateful that you are on the path you are on...for the rest of you ...get into the holiday spirit...learn to release and let go...this is the time to forgive and forget the past and look forward to the future with an open heart and know what ever it is that you want you honestly will receive.
Re evaluate your life and look at the beauty of nature. Look at the beauty of your life. Change your thinking and you will change your world....peace to you...enjoy your life...Denise

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