Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Re: Hello to everyone

Hello everyone...I am going to be sharing topics that affect each and everyone of us on a daily basis. My life is just like yours. I experience the same joys and sorrows that you do. All of us are mere reflections of each other. I may not be you but, I can guess that at some point what I write will be similar to what you have experienced.

I am not writing to do anything else other than inform and possible give a new perspective on your life and experience. I have a boatload of stories. Some will be funny. Some will be sad. Some may even make you say'WOW." In any case I hope that you will enjoy this site.


eusouquesou said...

I'm excited for some stories!

denise's thoughts said...

I hope you tell all your friends..looking for an audience and feedback thanks for your comment