Friday, October 26, 2007

It Your World

Today I was thinking about how it is my world. That means to me that whatever I want to deal with on a day to day level really depends on what I want out or in my life. I was thinking about relationships in general. What is it that makes me upset? What is it that makes me happy? What is it that I want in my life.

Thinking about these things made me realize...again....that it is what I allow to come into my world affects my life. I do not have control over anything but my thoughts. That is the same for you as it is for me. At times I really do forget that with a capitol "F!"

My thoughts guide my moods at times...I imagine they do that for everyone. When I am happy there is nothing that gets in my way. When I am angry everything seems to be in the way..Isn't that life in general.

I was discussing with a friend about a certain incident in my life. It's not important what it is right now but, what is important is how my friend wanted me to become aware that standing up for myself could end up a struggle with others. For example...say a neighbor decides to build on your approach the neighbor and they deny that it is your property. You have your property resurveyed. It is your property they are on. Now the neighbor barnstorms and huffs and puffs and states they have connections in town and "just try to make me take this down."

You may think many things but the obvious is true....if someone gets hurt on your side of their deck you are responsible for their injury...if you sell your property you need to have it settled you go about your business and take care of it your friend tells you to be careful because "they have power in town." Now what does that mean. Does that mean you will be in trouble because you did the right thing and asked what is rightfully yours be returned?

I say this because so many times friends without meaning to upset you They do it when they do not support your actions but project their fears,experience or expectations upon you. So what do you do? Do you react to their statements? Do you defend your actions? Or do you allow them to just state their truth and continue to do what you need to do to take care of yourself?

The reason I pose this question is because most of life seems to be a series of choices. We make choices everyday. We choose what we eat,drink and think. We choose where we work. We choose who we associate with. We choose who we talk to. We choose every action. Some things become automatic.

Have you ever found yourself driving in the wrong direction eventhough you knew you were traveling somewhere else? You then think "Oh I made the wrong choice." So sometimes what we choose in our lives is by auto pilot....

So what do we do? We take time to think. What is it that I want. How is this choice going to change my world? How is this choice going to benefit me in the long run? Hey, most of us do not even take the time. Sometimes my choices are sooooooooooooooooo wrong I cannot even believe I did, say or acted in a certain way. That my friend is auto pilot. Acting in a fashion that may not even have worked a long time ago but we program it into our consciousness.

The good news is we can change that anytime that we want. So enjoy your life. View your world and change what you know will make you a greater person....Have a great life....add a dash of love to everything you do and life will run a lot smoother.....take care...Denise and welcome to my world.

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Benni said...

Thank you for inviting me into your world. Bad choices are unavoidable but it's what we do after we make those choices. Hopefully we will use them as a learning experience. Sometimes, we must do this over and over but clarity may not come so quickly. It took me 40 years to become aware that this is my life and I did not have to follow anyone else's prescription of how to do things. When I make reference to things in my life I silently say "before" or "after" in reference to my emotional intelligence which I have seemed to gain (at least in part) after I turned 40. In discovering that I could live "my life" and not some model of someone else's life, I became happier and a much more confident person. I am now a single mother by choice which is the greatest joy in my life and because I have such joy, I truly believe I have spread this happiness, sometimes aware and sometimes not, to so many others. Thanks for writing this segment about "My Life", I really enjoyed it.