Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Weekend

Everyone knows that weekend has the feeling of being off and doing whatever you want to do. It is the reason so many people work and glorify the days is a thought that most people carry with them thru out their lives...but there are those who work weekends, holidays, nights etc and around the clock.

This is a short blog to just remember those who work all the time. Paramedics, doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters and others who are there to serve you all the time...this is just a short note to remind you that the next time you are out to dinner on the weekend...who is working to serve you. When you are on the road and stop for a cup of coffee who is there in the store. ...when you are going food shopping who is there to serve you....lets not forget the farmers who work all the time to feed us and of course those of us who are parents our job is never done....take the time to give a big smile and a thought of appreciation to all those who are there for us everyday....and oh yes let us not forget the military...they do it because they want a people we are pretty wonderful.....think of God and think of others....have a great to you on Monday....and oh yes I did write this on the weekend...cheers

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