Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Very Interesting

Check this out. Not an endorsement of any kind. Just stumbled upon it. Many scientific and government links. Information is always useful. Just shift through the weeds.

Monday, June 6, 2011


So here I sit in Maui. I looked over the list of places I have been to over the last many years of travel and each place I go to becomes a playground unique to the itself. I am thinking about how many people I have met over the years and how many I still speak to.

Places like ideas have their unique qualities and have their time and place. I know that when I was in my twenties I had many ideas that were not received with the enthusiasm by professionals at the time.They thought I was too young or the idea would not pan out. For instance when I lived in England I had a friend there named Richard Barnes. He had the idea of putting logos on t-shirts. I loved the idea came back to America went to a banker who I proposed a loan for a business. Well as you know t shirts and importing are the way to go. What did I do? I stopped and gave up.At the time I did not even know I had the power to just move ahead and do the project myself. I did not have the belief in myself that I do now. That was back in the day.

Big mistakes of the past make for valuable knowledge for the present. I had plenty of opportunities and some of them succeeded and some of them did not do so well. My Dad once told me,It's not how many times you fall down that counts. It is how many times you get up that count."

I have had partners in business be ,well, bad partners. You live and learn. Karma took care of almost all of them.Just the simple law of the Universe. I have thought revenge but realized that is a waste of energy and not worthy of who I am. I am not in charge of who they are I am only in charge of myself.Life has a way of straightening things out on its own.

Believe me there are so many things in life I did not know and still do not now but I never let that stop me. I have more plans and ideas than maybe I have time to live but, I will continue to strive for the dreams. You are never to old. Just look at so many champions of life they have never given up. It strikes me that when someone says they are too old to do something. What does that actually mean? I am blessed to be physically healthy and able to do what I enjoy. I really give thanks for that everyday. Do not take your life for granted. You will never get the moment back that you waste on being upset. Never ever.

Of course you need to take time to grieve and get over intense feelings that is normal. However, if you choose to live there and take up residence in "poor me" you will not be alone. You are where you are. Poor, wealthy, young, old, healthy, alone, married, engaged,just broke up with someone, etc.. That "poor me" hotel is overbooked with plenty of people for you to share your pain with.

If you choose to live in a place that says "Get up. Get up. You can do this. Get up and move on. It will be hard but just get up." Then you will be with others who have experienced life to the fullest and have learned probably harder lessons then you ever imagined possible but, they are still able to talk, walk and chew gum at the same time.

It is always about choices.Take inventory of your life and ask what you can change. Better yet what are you willing to give up that is holding you back. I know plenty of people who speak to me about the choices they have made in life and now are stuck worried about the future. Why not take stock of what choices you have now. Some of the choices are hard. Whether to sell a home so you are able to live somewhere you can afford. Some people do not want to make that choice and choose to sink deeper and deeper into debt and emotional pain. It is not easy.

I have never been so invested in material objects that I must keep them. Even the sentimental objects. I had to fight for my life so I was shown that objects vs quality of life lesson. There is no question what I value more. Its living.

We are not the sum total of what we own. We are the sum total of our beliefs and how we live. What we are willing to fight for. What we are willing to stand for. What we believe ourselves to be. Change your thoughts and you will change your world.

I hope you join me in taking the pledge work on who you want to be. I will assist you if you need an extra push. The work can only be done by you. Wish I had better news for you but you need to be the one who does the work.

So who is the best person out there to help are. Now go get em and pick yourself up. Enjoy I believe in you and I believe you are able to do it. Write me let me know how its going.