Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beginning the New Year- Frugal Living and Being Prosperious.

2010 is almost over and 2011 is upon us. I have heard from so many people who are worried about the Mayan Calendar and what it may or may not mean. My take on this is to live your life to the fullest always. We do not know when the last day on our calendar of life is over. This past year was the passing of a friend or two for many of us. For some of you it was the death of a parent, child or sibling.
For some of you it was the change of life in various ways. The change of a career, home, or relationship. Every year brings changes that is for certain. One thing I might suggest to you is take inventory of your life in every fashion.
Take stock of yourself. Who are you really? Are you waiting for someone or something to change your life then I say STOP! The only one who has any power over you is you. I have been doing some serious soul searching this year and it always go back to basics. I am in charge of my thoughts and my beliefs. If I choose to incorporate beliefs into my life it will be due to the fact I have had insight to what I choose to bring into my life. Some of us still bring in the news and then drive ourselves into a frenzy over the news. I have also been caught up in the daily dishing of the news by the media.
Stop that as well. Educate yourself. Learn to take a deep breath. Investigate and then act. We are so used to reacting. Learn to re create for yourself your life. This is the only time you have to work on yourself.
Like it or not it is not anyone's job to see you are happy, safe, warm, fed, healthy or financially stable. I have made some decisions like everyone else that in the long run I was not thrilled with but, eventually I understood and took from the situation what I needed from it and left the rest behind. DO not think that you need to learn from everything. Some things that have happened in my life I still do not understand. I have to just let it go. Honestly, sometimes things just happen.
So for this year. Take control over your life. Learn to do things that you have charge over. I will be giving out information on how to live frugally and yet still feel prosperous. We all need to get control over our lives and the first step is being in charge of our thinking.
You need to write down what you honestly believe to be true about life, money, relationships, housing, health, family, the economy, your spiritual beliefs, etc.. All arenas of your life. Then write down what you would like to see happen in your life. Be organized in this part. Then one by one write in your honest opinion when these things will happen. See if this is too hard to do or if you are writing down what you hope to have happen OR what you believe will happen. This is the eye opening part.
Yes the economy is hard. This is a reality in the world today but, you are not always going to be out of a job. You are not always going to be out of anything. Go through your mind and see yourself as being calm. See yourself as being in control of your life. It does not mean controlling. First so this for yourself and see what you have.
This is part one of a series. Share this with friends and begin the New Year knowing that you will get control over your life. I will share tips in how to find hidden money in your life without changing your pay check or income. This is important to make your life debt free on many levels. You can do it. Denise

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Day In Paradise

Before I even start I know I am going to get a lot of kidding from people but here goes. I was walking past a mirror and went hmmm. So off to the gym I go. Working out sweating and imaging that what I want to look like is possible in one week. Ok if one week is in real time it would be a couple of months but to look that far into the future takes the fun away from the moment.
Well here I am in Hilton Head and I have accomplished only a couple of the things that I have attempted to accomplish. I have enjoyed the beach. Worked out every day. Met some interesting people and have rediscovered what I knew all along. Being social is a very important part of being alive.
We can get so caught up in the day to day we forget to live. We forget to just walk and be. I am here by myself and am loving every minute of it. There I was just looking at the blue sky and palm trees. The waves are crashing on the shore and the birds are flying by. I walk from the beach to the beautiful pool that is here at Surfwatch.
This wonderful woman who is glowing from the beauty within walks up to me and begins to speak to me. She invites me to meet her family. The family is amazing. Cancer survivors. Widows who have met new partners. Incredible uplifting people. Then this woman says to me grabbing the hand of her husband. She states she has been married for 60 years and would do it all over again. I was knocked over. What incredible loving people.
Then I went out to dinner. Again my voice said to sit at the bar and wait. Actually the hostess said it would be a half hour wait and sit at the bar. So I continue. At the bar were the most wonderful , funny and engaging people. I had a great time again.
This just screams to me that there are so many good people in the world all you have to do is be open to meeting new people. It is easy to sit and stay home and wonder why life is so bland. I no longer engage with people who just complain about how their lives are so what ever the slogan of the day is.
If you are open and love yourself and your life more and more everyday you will meet people who feel the same way about their lives. The funny thing about these great people. They were all from New Jersey. See its good to be a Jerseyean. So people. Get up get out and meet new people. You will be suprised. But do not I repeat do not work out so hard on vacation that you cannot not stand up straight without holding onto something. I have to laugh. Hope you are enjoying your day. The sun is coming up and I am getting ready to go out and hobble to the gym and enjoy the day. Peace

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Individuality and emotional support end up being one in the same thing. Over the years my life has taken me through an incredible journey of hope and creative change. Through this journey I have experienced many hardships that have forged me into the person I am today.
Recently, I had the opportunity to see that the many ideas that had been shared with me over the years are taking root in main stream society. I remember way back when I lived in California there was a book that was old even by my standards taking about healing with light. This book was written in the 1920's. That is close to one hundred years ago. Imagine.

Recently I have picked up a book that has been very inspirational over the years and have been implementing most of what I had reviewed. Simply put we are the creator within. Or should I say the co creator of what it is we want and how we love. We you stand back and look at your life what do you see. Dreams fulfilled or dreams dissolved. I see many of my dreams still formulating and moving towards fruition much quicker than I ever realized they would happen before. I have only one thing on the mind these days. That is to experience life and make every moment count. My focus is on how to optimize my life and by doing so life is opening doors one after the other.

I had remembered that you cannot force change but if you are patient and watch life around you change will come to you. We really are drawn to the familiar. That is why history is doomed to repeat itself if we do not learn. We as finite beings are drawn to that which sometimes is not really the highest and best for us but it is familiar. If you are able to get outside of your comfort zone than maybe you would be able to achieve things that you want. Goals without belief in your dreams stay as dreams that just stay in your mind.

You have to be honest with yourself and project goals and dreams that you know you want. Not imagine things that you feel you have no right to or something you will never achieve. Lets examine what you need to look at when defining your goals. If it is self improvement. I say go for it. See what is stopping you emotionally. See what is holding you back in your mind. Listen to the voices in your mind and heart that say ,"You will fail anyway."

If failure comes up in your mind. You need to ask yourself when did it all begin. It does not matter that if you tried before you will fail again. You will only fail if you believe you will fail. Trying does not mean that you will win the Nobel Peace Prize but maybe you will. I do not know what your dreams are. I know what mine are and I believe it is possible. Some things are intangable so that means they will happen in their own time. That does not mean stop believing.

Belief is the only thing that keeps us going. Failure to accept the truth about oneself is another place in the heart that stops us from experiencing our dream. Whose rules are you judging your self by. We need to be gentle with ourselves and hold back from critical statements that prevent us from being the loving and lovable person we need to be. Now I am not saying becoming self absorbed is the way to achieve your goals. I am saying self aware.

So create your life and embrace your dreams what else do you have to lose anyway. It is your life and be aware that things that create for us failure and truly successess that want to come through a bigger door anyway.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Listen to music

Listening to music right now and it really makes the mood. I love to enjoy my life. Music is the sound track to my heart and soul. So many of my clients do not take the time to listen to the music in their lives.
What do I mean. Go outside and listen to the noise or is it music. Everything in life has a sync and beat. Can you hear the birds. Can you hear the trucks going down the street. What do hear when you listen to your heart. What do you hear when you hear your thoughts. Is it the symphony that you love to listen to.
Take the time to make everyday a wonderful musical experience. Ask yourself what are you waiting for? Hey don't you wish your life was a little like the way it used to be. So make it happen. I sit and think that as long as I am alive I have to make every minute count.
My favorite music to listen to these days is anything Latin. It is the heartbeat of my parents. You know my mom is Mexican and my Dad though being born in Peru is Spanish and English. I love the music of the culture. You cannot be sad when you hear the beat and the tempo of the music. My new artist from Spain is BEBE she is awesome. Her words are just amazing. Who do I have to thank for this..well it my son . He has embraced the everything Spanish and it is great. He just came back from Spain. We were there last year Barcelona is just the the place to go if you want to feel alive.
What I am trying to say my friends get into music and let yourself open your soul. Dance in the house. Bop your head. Shake your shoulders. Shake your hips and feel yourself come alive. Enjoy every one enjoy

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is it

Hello everyone. This is it. I have made a command decision to continue and write. I have with all my heart wanted to bring out to everyone a book that really inspires and creates a way for you to think about what it is that you want in your life.

Well we all know that inspiration comes from many places. Well for the last few days. I knew that I need to get busy and start writing the book that I had meant to put out for the last year. Well today is the day I decided to put it out there to many people so that they would be able to help me with my goal and journey.

I want you to look inside of yourself and ask yourself what is it that you have been waiting to start in your life. What is it that is on the top of the list in your life that you need to accomplish. There are no guarantees in life that is for sure. We act most of us like we have more time than we really have.

I know what it means to live for today and plan for tomorrow. The issue here is that tomorrow never really comes we live in the present there is no tomorrow. The now is the only thing that we actually have on a day by day basis.

Most of us are waiting for the subway of our lives to stop on the platform in our minds to take us to the journey we are waiting for. I for one know that life stops for no one. Just look around. Everytime you pass someone on the street or see them in the store. You have not seen them before and you may never see them again. It is not that they do not exist but they have no meaning in your life except that they are in the same place as you.

Have you ever taken the time to wonder what another person is going through. Most of us have assumptions of what others are going through. You see a person who is cutting the lawn and with a lawn service. What are you really thinking? Do you realize that they have a life similar to yours? Do you see the doctor in the emergency room. Do you think that they may also be going through a crisis in their own personal lives? We have a great tendency to look at people and what I call "mind read." Except this type of mind reading is usually a projection of what we really believe deep down inside.

We have to open our minds to be able to be more creative with our thinking and how we see the world. Right now on the television and on the radio there is a lot of chatter about what is wrong with everything. What is wrong with everything? Do we not realize it is what we give power to is what shapes our world. What we believe strong enough becomes a truth for all of us. I travel quite a bit and in each country people have strong beliefs. That is why we laugh at different countries or people. We think their belief is very strange. Have you ever considered that what we believe to other nations is very strange as well.

What I am getting to right now is that the only world you can change is your own. We live basically very insulated in our minds. We share our beliefs with friends, families, cultures, religions, politics,,etc.... We are either labeled as women, men, husbands, wives, lovers, loners, workers etc... we are individuals who make up the whole of humanity.

Take the time to think for yourself. I have been taking time to just take time for me. Not tons of time but some time none the less. Be yourself. Think for yourself. Know yourself. When you get to know you . Then you will laugh . You will see how funny you actually are and be kind to yourself. You are the only you that you will ever really know. So when you see that person in the store or mowing the lawn know that as a fellow traveller on this earth they may be going through the same life you are just thinking about life on different terms.

Lighten up, Enjoy , and learn to do cartwheels like when you were a little kid...Denise

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walking with God

The snow is falling and friends are staring out the window wondering when it will all stop. This is probably one of the more intense winters that we have shared in a long time. I am stopping right now to be able to give thanks for the fact I am in a warm home and have a way to convey my thoughts and ideas.

The comforting thing about snow is that is like a wonderful blanket that covers everything insight. I was taking pictures of the scenery in my backyard so that when the summer comes and the weather is like a furnace I can recall the chill of winter.

Unlike some people I enjoy the snow. I do not enjoy shoveling the snow but I enjoy the beauty of nature. We have a limited period on this earth and if we take the time to reflect on the time we have lived we will see that like a snowflake each day of our lives are different. They are only the same if we make them the same.

I have met some interesting people in the last few months. What strikes me about one person in particular is how they only seem to complain about everything in their lives. It is extraordinary to me that when you have perfect health that you would spend that time working at slowly deconstructing that health by constantly bathing yourself with negativity.

Lets face it folks at time life does get you down. It is not that you have to be a smiling Cheshire Cat all the time. Taking time to reflect in the good that is in your life is an important part of the healing process. I have seen people change over the last few months who have taken a hard look at their lives and realize that no one is holding them back but themselves.

The old adage thoughts will make you who you are is more true now then ever before. I know that for a few months I had been lost and felt like a boat without a sail. I still held onto prayer. I prayed like there was no tomorrow. ( I like that phrase think about that). Prayer and reflection upon the good that God has provided for you is very important. It does not mean that your hard time goes away. It is a healing balm that tends to the wound in your soul.

A burn victim will suffer countless suffering because without the skin on the body the nerve ending are exposed to the air and the pain is over whelming. The ability for the body to heal becomes compromised in the most horrible way. If the body is burned over a certain percentage there is certain death to follow.

Why bring this up? Well life offers searing burning experiences in life. Life offers beauty as well. If we use prayer and faith as the ingredient to heal us in our time of need know that it is a slow but steady recovery in our lives. Some of us have been burned by life's experiences. We feel disfigured in our lives. Have you lost a loved one to death? If you have you know that it feels like the world has come to a stop. Life around us moves in slow motion and we feel that we will never be able to approach life the same way again. Slowly and steadily if we are open to Divine Love we heal.

Relationships that do not work have a similar feel to them. Recovery of the heart is a slow and arduous process. We need to examine what put us in this place originally. Every relationship we encounter is a lesson that is for certain. The question I have for you is what have you learned and are you willing to change what you believe you deserve.

So back to what I started with the snow that is falling right now is beautiful and a gift from Nature. Behold the fact that you have vision to see it. Be glad that you have the ability to go out and either play in it or shovel it. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this journey. Make yourself a really big cup of hot chocolate and put whipped cream on top when you want to . If you have a fireplace make a fire. If you are cold after being out reward and soothe yourself with a hot bath. Please buy some rubber duckies they are fun to watch. Be grateful for the fact you have a life.

Walk with God today. Take time to talk to God today. Hear the answers from within. You are a wonderful person just waiting to feel love enter your heart and life. Feel the peace of Nature. We are here for a short time so just enjoy. Let the hard words in your life fall to the wayside. Allow all the disappointments drop out of your mind like the snowflakes fall to the earth. Go outside and make snow angels. Enjoy and praise the child within your self. Blessings to you all Denise