Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walking with God

The snow is falling and friends are staring out the window wondering when it will all stop. This is probably one of the more intense winters that we have shared in a long time. I am stopping right now to be able to give thanks for the fact I am in a warm home and have a way to convey my thoughts and ideas.

The comforting thing about snow is that is like a wonderful blanket that covers everything insight. I was taking pictures of the scenery in my backyard so that when the summer comes and the weather is like a furnace I can recall the chill of winter.

Unlike some people I enjoy the snow. I do not enjoy shoveling the snow but I enjoy the beauty of nature. We have a limited period on this earth and if we take the time to reflect on the time we have lived we will see that like a snowflake each day of our lives are different. They are only the same if we make them the same.

I have met some interesting people in the last few months. What strikes me about one person in particular is how they only seem to complain about everything in their lives. It is extraordinary to me that when you have perfect health that you would spend that time working at slowly deconstructing that health by constantly bathing yourself with negativity.

Lets face it folks at time life does get you down. It is not that you have to be a smiling Cheshire Cat all the time. Taking time to reflect in the good that is in your life is an important part of the healing process. I have seen people change over the last few months who have taken a hard look at their lives and realize that no one is holding them back but themselves.

The old adage thoughts will make you who you are is more true now then ever before. I know that for a few months I had been lost and felt like a boat without a sail. I still held onto prayer. I prayed like there was no tomorrow. ( I like that phrase think about that). Prayer and reflection upon the good that God has provided for you is very important. It does not mean that your hard time goes away. It is a healing balm that tends to the wound in your soul.

A burn victim will suffer countless suffering because without the skin on the body the nerve ending are exposed to the air and the pain is over whelming. The ability for the body to heal becomes compromised in the most horrible way. If the body is burned over a certain percentage there is certain death to follow.

Why bring this up? Well life offers searing burning experiences in life. Life offers beauty as well. If we use prayer and faith as the ingredient to heal us in our time of need know that it is a slow but steady recovery in our lives. Some of us have been burned by life's experiences. We feel disfigured in our lives. Have you lost a loved one to death? If you have you know that it feels like the world has come to a stop. Life around us moves in slow motion and we feel that we will never be able to approach life the same way again. Slowly and steadily if we are open to Divine Love we heal.

Relationships that do not work have a similar feel to them. Recovery of the heart is a slow and arduous process. We need to examine what put us in this place originally. Every relationship we encounter is a lesson that is for certain. The question I have for you is what have you learned and are you willing to change what you believe you deserve.

So back to what I started with the snow that is falling right now is beautiful and a gift from Nature. Behold the fact that you have vision to see it. Be glad that you have the ability to go out and either play in it or shovel it. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this journey. Make yourself a really big cup of hot chocolate and put whipped cream on top when you want to . If you have a fireplace make a fire. If you are cold after being out reward and soothe yourself with a hot bath. Please buy some rubber duckies they are fun to watch. Be grateful for the fact you have a life.

Walk with God today. Take time to talk to God today. Hear the answers from within. You are a wonderful person just waiting to feel love enter your heart and life. Feel the peace of Nature. We are here for a short time so just enjoy. Let the hard words in your life fall to the wayside. Allow all the disappointments drop out of your mind like the snowflakes fall to the earth. Go outside and make snow angels. Enjoy and praise the child within your self. Blessings to you all Denise