Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift of the love you can give to yourself. I was thinking back on my life and how free spirited I was as a teenager. Of course you do not have all the responsibilities that a parent has to raise children...that is if you have children...then you may have a house with a mortgage or at least rent to pay.

So what happens to the joy of living after a while? Do you become bogged down with the day to day issues of house cleaning, bills to pay, yards to keep up, garbage to take out, people at work to deal with, health, family, friends, relationships, and it goes on and on. What do you stop to do to appreciate even one second of your life? Do you do anything at all for yourself?

Every day on the news there is something that comes at you to make you stop and think about what is going to happen to your world. Are you depending on the voices of others to tell you what is happening in the world or are you using your own gifts of observataion to clue in to what is happening to your world?

I am sitting in my room looking over the beauty that is in my life. There are so many things to be thankful for I cannot count my blessings. I know what I need to do in order for my life to become balanced. My life at times becomes more entangled than I like it to be. Then I remember it is by my choice that the events in my life are going in the direction they are going. At times it feels likes a river that is flowing so fast that the force of my life has a direction all its own and there is no way I will be able to redirect it. Then a thought comes up that acts like a fortress to slow down the current of life and I have time to reflect and redirect my life.

That is what is happening right now. I am on the verge of making some big changes in my life. They begin first by putting serious thought into what I am about to change. Then the results of my decisions are what I need to consider before I move. It is not that I am no longer spontaneous in my life decisions. I am ...for instance ...I love to just take off when I have a free weekend and explore....where ever for as long as the time it takes to get there...and then there are times when planning is a necessity .....for obvious reasons...right now....I have to think...think ....very long and hard about my life and what is going to be the right direction for me and how I am going to do the work I really would like to do. Writing a blog is a decision I make when I sit down I do not know what I am going to write about...but I know I made a commitement to myself to go out there and write.....

So the reason for todays the greatest gift you can give is share your thoughts with others....share your love with others....give yourself the same gifts you give others....thank you.

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