Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Web We Weave

Recently I received an email from someone who I had written with. I had presented to him many years ago about a story of children who had the capability to go out and heal others. The story was told from various cultures and how children could change the world.He added a magic pony and the woman Mary Anne. I had put it on my old mac computer.

That was years ago. When he was going through hard times he reconnected with me. I shared my resources and knowledge with him and my writing ability. Then a couple of years ago he called out of the blue and asked if he could buy me out for a couple of thousand dollars. He wanted to turn it into a graphic novel. I thought about it and said no. I had suggested we get in touch with conceptual design individuals and made calls to many stations pitching our collective story. I had fun doing much of this. I had contacted a Canadian Children's Programming Network and negotiated with a woman in charge. I kept all the emails. I was very inclusive of my former co writer.

Then recently I received notice that he had printed the story we had copyrighted and is now saying it is all his idea. He went so far as to re copyright it exclusively under his name. Pretty amazing eh.Well this is life. Individuals who have little or no talent many times steal the ideas of others and walk away honestly believing it is their work and their work alone. This has happened to countless individuals I will not be the first and will not be the last.

In all honesty this experience has lead me to open up a whole new episode in my life and since many of the ideas I have had have been used by others it gives me a whole new book idea that will resonate with many people. It will really be a helpful tool told as a story. So what do we do when we encounter deceptive people. Well there are many ways to handle under handed people. First, you have to be strong. Do not let it control or run your life. If legal recourse can be taken go for it. Pick yourself up and know if you created the idea no one else did.

There are of course the laws of karma. Believe me I have seen it work over and over again. So know in your heart that nothing can be taken from you. It is the law of the universe. Forgive yourself as well. You cannot beat yourself up over being taken by a dishonest person. They more than likely believe their lies and think you are the one who is out of line. The truth always comes out eventually.

More than likely many of you can relate to this in one form or another in your life. I am sure you have lots of stories to tell. I can say this. I am pretty creative if someone wants to take credit for my original idea. Well the idea is not that original really its good vs evil but it is how you present it that counts. Pretty ironic the plot was children who try to help the earth. I guess you could say he helped himself to that. Well that is the story for today. Keep your head high. Brush yourself off and keep on walking tall. You do not have to do anything but breath and be the highest and best you can be. Shout it from the roof tops to create justice in your life. Let the world know who you are.

Before I go I also want to write about something else very important recently it was brought to my attention that if you or anyone you know has had cancer have them get a very indepth report from their oncologist about the medication they are given. Adriamycin and other related medications can cause heart disease. I had recently spoken to a cardiologist and he was very concerned that some of the cancer patients and survivors are not receiving this type of information. I have a list of amino acids, minerals and supplements that can help the heart. If you are interested I will post them in my next blog. Stay strong. Stay healthy and remember you are a unique and wonderful being. Be safe and God Bless.


rsoy said...

"Go for it!" You said it yourself. How about a copyright infringement action against this guy?

rsoy said...

I would say to follow your own advice - Go for it. I'd file a copyright infringement suit, especially if you have all the emails and the evidence. I know you believe in Karma, but he has to be taught to take responsibility for his actions, no?