Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Best Is Yet To Come

So here we are on a another wonderful day in paradise. The television has been off for most of the week and I have been more productive than usual. I have resumed working out. That is a big yeah. I enjoy the results.

Reading has been top priority and I have been inspired to continue writing myself as well as continuing on with my pursuit of helping others find ways to increase their prosperity while I enjoy the rewards of enjoying my day.

As I have discussed in my last blog entry the library has been a wealth of entertainment on so many levels. It is the place to discover new authors and reconnecting with those who are old favorites. Lately,I have been enjoying reading the works of Philip K. Dick. He has been the inspiration for so many classic movies. Most recently, he inspired the making of the film "The Adjustment Bureau" it was based on a short story he authored.

The library has saved me a substancial amount of money recently, again! I have been brushing up on my Spanish. My local library has an amazing treasure trove of language tapes and material that will assist anyone who is interested in learning the language of their choice. I personally am following up on my goal of fully understanding and speaking Spanish. My family is primarily Spanish speaking.So you would think I would be able to speak it. Well my parents chose not to teach my brother or myself while growing up. It was the time I grew up in. However, I am proud of my son who on the other hand is able to speak five languages. So I am determined to learn more than one language this year. Besides, I understand it to a point but want to be fluent in Spanish so I can join in the family conversations. As my mother used to say anyone can speak just one language. It takes mental dexterity to speak two or more. So the library is my laboratory for experimenting with my new found passion.

So another way to enjoy what is free and available for you if this is what you are looking for. Whether you are planning trips, taking a class, listening to music, watching the latest movies, reading magazines,books, and research material is all for free at the library.

Why spend money on a cable package for the movie channel. Go to the library and pick it up for free! It is probably just down the street from your house. Guess what? You pay for this out of your property taxes so enjoy it. Just for giggles I turned on the old boob tube and selected "The American" staring George Clooney as a movie to watch. The cost $4.99. It actually cost me ZERO. Took it out this week watched it while I cleaned the living room and then continued my exercise routine.

Oh yes and while I am at it. The gym. Mine cost approximately $250. The membership is free. I bought a bench and weights. The motivation is supplied by looking in the mirror. I save in fuel costs, and time. For my aerobic part either I open the front door and walk outside and if it is raining like it is right now I put on music and dance for 45 minutes or so. Again the dollar cost nothing.

One thing I did spend a few bucks on and that is audio. I have an IPOD touch that was included in the price of my Mac Notebook. Did you know that every fall they run a special that if you are a student or an educator you can receive an IPOD touch with your purchase.I love it when your buying power can give you so much more.

So what is so special about the IPOD touch well it is just like the Iphone but you cannot make calls. It has the capacity to act like a small laptop. There are plenty of places to find Free WIFI and use it for internet searches and pick up radio station around the world. When I am at home I utilize the IPOD as my radio. I have enjoyed listened to stations in New York City as well as in New Zealand, Spain,England (just to mention a few places) and lately, due to my friend Yvonne in Boulder, Colorado, I am currently listening to a great station out of Denver. The list goes on and on. What a great way to get first hand news from different countries and with different perspectives.

So I bought a Bose docking station, (only to find out that the SONY docking station that I purchased for my son, is just as good for a fraction of the price), and have placed my IPOD in using Safari as the web browser I listen to the radio all day long. It sounds awesome. Music in surround sound,lovely. What a better way to instantly pick up your mood than by listening to music that stirs your soul.

Travel is the next thing I will write about as well as taking great care of yourself physically as well as emotionally. The thing about prosperity is it is a state of mind. You can have ten cents and be as happy as a person with one million dollars who is miserable. Finance is the key to personal freedom but emotional and physical health is the true key to real freedom.



rsoy said...

These are all great suggestions and creative ideas. Spending more time trying to cut away the clutter from our lives instead of just staying on auto pilot is a great way to streamline our lives -and save money.

Laura Kendall said...

I never knew about the IPOD - thanks! Will have to look into getting one.