Thursday, August 5, 2010

Listen to music

Listening to music right now and it really makes the mood. I love to enjoy my life. Music is the sound track to my heart and soul. So many of my clients do not take the time to listen to the music in their lives.
What do I mean. Go outside and listen to the noise or is it music. Everything in life has a sync and beat. Can you hear the birds. Can you hear the trucks going down the street. What do hear when you listen to your heart. What do you hear when you hear your thoughts. Is it the symphony that you love to listen to.
Take the time to make everyday a wonderful musical experience. Ask yourself what are you waiting for? Hey don't you wish your life was a little like the way it used to be. So make it happen. I sit and think that as long as I am alive I have to make every minute count.
My favorite music to listen to these days is anything Latin. It is the heartbeat of my parents. You know my mom is Mexican and my Dad though being born in Peru is Spanish and English. I love the music of the culture. You cannot be sad when you hear the beat and the tempo of the music. My new artist from Spain is BEBE she is awesome. Her words are just amazing. Who do I have to thank for this..well it my son . He has embraced the everything Spanish and it is great. He just came back from Spain. We were there last year Barcelona is just the the place to go if you want to feel alive.
What I am trying to say my friends get into music and let yourself open your soul. Dance in the house. Bop your head. Shake your shoulders. Shake your hips and feel yourself come alive. Enjoy every one enjoy

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