Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Individuality and emotional support end up being one in the same thing. Over the years my life has taken me through an incredible journey of hope and creative change. Through this journey I have experienced many hardships that have forged me into the person I am today.
Recently, I had the opportunity to see that the many ideas that had been shared with me over the years are taking root in main stream society. I remember way back when I lived in California there was a book that was old even by my standards taking about healing with light. This book was written in the 1920's. That is close to one hundred years ago. Imagine.

Recently I have picked up a book that has been very inspirational over the years and have been implementing most of what I had reviewed. Simply put we are the creator within. Or should I say the co creator of what it is we want and how we love. We you stand back and look at your life what do you see. Dreams fulfilled or dreams dissolved. I see many of my dreams still formulating and moving towards fruition much quicker than I ever realized they would happen before. I have only one thing on the mind these days. That is to experience life and make every moment count. My focus is on how to optimize my life and by doing so life is opening doors one after the other.

I had remembered that you cannot force change but if you are patient and watch life around you change will come to you. We really are drawn to the familiar. That is why history is doomed to repeat itself if we do not learn. We as finite beings are drawn to that which sometimes is not really the highest and best for us but it is familiar. If you are able to get outside of your comfort zone than maybe you would be able to achieve things that you want. Goals without belief in your dreams stay as dreams that just stay in your mind.

You have to be honest with yourself and project goals and dreams that you know you want. Not imagine things that you feel you have no right to or something you will never achieve. Lets examine what you need to look at when defining your goals. If it is self improvement. I say go for it. See what is stopping you emotionally. See what is holding you back in your mind. Listen to the voices in your mind and heart that say ,"You will fail anyway."

If failure comes up in your mind. You need to ask yourself when did it all begin. It does not matter that if you tried before you will fail again. You will only fail if you believe you will fail. Trying does not mean that you will win the Nobel Peace Prize but maybe you will. I do not know what your dreams are. I know what mine are and I believe it is possible. Some things are intangable so that means they will happen in their own time. That does not mean stop believing.

Belief is the only thing that keeps us going. Failure to accept the truth about oneself is another place in the heart that stops us from experiencing our dream. Whose rules are you judging your self by. We need to be gentle with ourselves and hold back from critical statements that prevent us from being the loving and lovable person we need to be. Now I am not saying becoming self absorbed is the way to achieve your goals. I am saying self aware.

So create your life and embrace your dreams what else do you have to lose anyway. It is your life and be aware that things that create for us failure and truly successess that want to come through a bigger door anyway.

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