Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beginning the New Year- Frugal Living and Being Prosperious.

2010 is almost over and 2011 is upon us. I have heard from so many people who are worried about the Mayan Calendar and what it may or may not mean. My take on this is to live your life to the fullest always. We do not know when the last day on our calendar of life is over. This past year was the passing of a friend or two for many of us. For some of you it was the death of a parent, child or sibling.
For some of you it was the change of life in various ways. The change of a career, home, or relationship. Every year brings changes that is for certain. One thing I might suggest to you is take inventory of your life in every fashion.
Take stock of yourself. Who are you really? Are you waiting for someone or something to change your life then I say STOP! The only one who has any power over you is you. I have been doing some serious soul searching this year and it always go back to basics. I am in charge of my thoughts and my beliefs. If I choose to incorporate beliefs into my life it will be due to the fact I have had insight to what I choose to bring into my life. Some of us still bring in the news and then drive ourselves into a frenzy over the news. I have also been caught up in the daily dishing of the news by the media.
Stop that as well. Educate yourself. Learn to take a deep breath. Investigate and then act. We are so used to reacting. Learn to re create for yourself your life. This is the only time you have to work on yourself.
Like it or not it is not anyone's job to see you are happy, safe, warm, fed, healthy or financially stable. I have made some decisions like everyone else that in the long run I was not thrilled with but, eventually I understood and took from the situation what I needed from it and left the rest behind. DO not think that you need to learn from everything. Some things that have happened in my life I still do not understand. I have to just let it go. Honestly, sometimes things just happen.
So for this year. Take control over your life. Learn to do things that you have charge over. I will be giving out information on how to live frugally and yet still feel prosperous. We all need to get control over our lives and the first step is being in charge of our thinking.
You need to write down what you honestly believe to be true about life, money, relationships, housing, health, family, the economy, your spiritual beliefs, etc.. All arenas of your life. Then write down what you would like to see happen in your life. Be organized in this part. Then one by one write in your honest opinion when these things will happen. See if this is too hard to do or if you are writing down what you hope to have happen OR what you believe will happen. This is the eye opening part.
Yes the economy is hard. This is a reality in the world today but, you are not always going to be out of a job. You are not always going to be out of anything. Go through your mind and see yourself as being calm. See yourself as being in control of your life. It does not mean controlling. First so this for yourself and see what you have.
This is part one of a series. Share this with friends and begin the New Year knowing that you will get control over your life. I will share tips in how to find hidden money in your life without changing your pay check or income. This is important to make your life debt free on many levels. You can do it. Denise

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