Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Day In Paradise

Before I even start I know I am going to get a lot of kidding from people but here goes. I was walking past a mirror and went hmmm. So off to the gym I go. Working out sweating and imaging that what I want to look like is possible in one week. Ok if one week is in real time it would be a couple of months but to look that far into the future takes the fun away from the moment.
Well here I am in Hilton Head and I have accomplished only a couple of the things that I have attempted to accomplish. I have enjoyed the beach. Worked out every day. Met some interesting people and have rediscovered what I knew all along. Being social is a very important part of being alive.
We can get so caught up in the day to day we forget to live. We forget to just walk and be. I am here by myself and am loving every minute of it. There I was just looking at the blue sky and palm trees. The waves are crashing on the shore and the birds are flying by. I walk from the beach to the beautiful pool that is here at Surfwatch.
This wonderful woman who is glowing from the beauty within walks up to me and begins to speak to me. She invites me to meet her family. The family is amazing. Cancer survivors. Widows who have met new partners. Incredible uplifting people. Then this woman says to me grabbing the hand of her husband. She states she has been married for 60 years and would do it all over again. I was knocked over. What incredible loving people.
Then I went out to dinner. Again my voice said to sit at the bar and wait. Actually the hostess said it would be a half hour wait and sit at the bar. So I continue. At the bar were the most wonderful , funny and engaging people. I had a great time again.
This just screams to me that there are so many good people in the world all you have to do is be open to meeting new people. It is easy to sit and stay home and wonder why life is so bland. I no longer engage with people who just complain about how their lives are so what ever the slogan of the day is.
If you are open and love yourself and your life more and more everyday you will meet people who feel the same way about their lives. The funny thing about these great people. They were all from New Jersey. See its good to be a Jerseyean. So people. Get up get out and meet new people. You will be suprised. But do not I repeat do not work out so hard on vacation that you cannot not stand up straight without holding onto something. I have to laugh. Hope you are enjoying your day. The sun is coming up and I am getting ready to go out and hobble to the gym and enjoy the day. Peace

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