Friday, February 6, 2009

Everyday and in Every Way Life is Getting Better and Better

Hello has been quite a while since I posted any messages and now is as good a time as any to resume my blog.

Recently, I have been receiving calls and messages from people who ask..."Where is my good? I have been praying and thinking about positive things and nothing is moving. Is this all just new age stuff and nothing is working?"

My answer is...New Age Stuff never works....plain and simple. The fact that you are praying and nothing is working...I have a question for you....If the answer is no or not now do you accept that as an answer?

Listen I do not think for one moment that during this time frame we are all re-evaluating what is important to us and our lives. I know people are struggling with their finances and struggling with their faith. This is the time we have all talked about for years. We are in full swing of the the earth changes. It affects every arena of our lives and every hamlet on the earth. Not one person will be excluded from the changes.

The very fact that you as an individual are questioning your beliefs is fantastic. All of us need to be true to what is valid for our thoughts and lives. The one thing I know for certain is that the only thing I have control of is myself. I have control over how I feel, think and what I say. Does that mean I am always filled with joy. No.

Life is hard folks and it is the way that you look at it is how you will make it through this wonderful time in our existance. I really believe in my heart of hearts that the world we have been used to is fading away. I believe that our thoughts and beliefs will get us through. I also know that some of you are going through some of the hardest emotional times of your lives.

I need to emphasis that you are not alone. You are being tested..I am being tested ...we are all being tested.

So what do you do? Seek help from within. Seek help from friends or family. Just seek help. Now is not the time to tell someone what to do. Now is really the time to listen and be compassionate with your friends. If they are hurting listen to them and agree that it must be hard for you right now. It really is very frustrating when people do not listen. We are not asking to be fixed we are just asking to be heard. Once you validate someone then they have the emotional support they need.

We cannot fix anyone but ourselves. You can pray and hold yourself and others in the Light of the Divine and see Divine Order in their lives. Again, it is not my will be done but, thy will be done. I do not believe we need to suffer but we do in life. I do not believe we need hardship be we do experience it anyway. I do not believe that we can always shoulder the burdens we experience but somehow we do. I especially believe that we do not I repeat do not call pain and suffering into our lives. I do think it is how we handle the struggles that makes the difference.

It is up to each and every person to take the time they need to work through their struggle. I do not know what the time frame is for you. Only you have the ability to make the decision to move on and I do not mean that in a pompus way at all. I have struggled and sometimes the decision to move on may be hard. We may want a pound of flesh...but in the end we are the ones who suffer by becoming bitter and hardened. That is more than likely the wisdom behind releasing and letting go.

We need to be able to hold onto the experience because if facilitates growth and let go of the emotion because is causes illness in our lives on so many levels. So my friends grow and be with God. Please feel free to share your ideas with me. I am praying for many now and would be honored to add you to my list. Peace to you all Denise

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Anonymous said...

I love you Denise and so appreciate your loving thoughts and wisdom. You just reinforced what I've been feeling and talking about with friends.
Keep up the great work.

Susan A. Campbell