Wednesday, February 13, 2008

life is a bonus

Life my friends is a bonus. Today it is raining and yesterday it was storming. You just have to look outside and see how beautiful the day really is. Last night I was thinking about all the things that I have done in my life.

I have been a witness to so many things. I have seen acts of kindness, cruelty and indifference. There is no perfect world and there are no perfect people. We have our imagination to create what ever we want to create. That is a great place to be for the most part. It is in our imagination that we create who we are and what we believe our lives to be. If you focus in on cruelty and anger you can find it where ever you go. If you are in love and happy usually you see nothing but joy and good.

It is the ability to stay in that state of being that is the key to life that is able to bend and flex with the way life is. Life is ever changing. There are times in all of our lives that we wish we could press the fast forward button. That my friends is the truth. Someday I will pass from this earth and so will you. I am trying to the best of my ability to live every moment to its fullest.

It is hard to enjoy life when you focus in on what is wrong with life. It is important to deal with life on lifes terms. That means being in the moment and experiencing what ever is happening with detachment. Granted it is not easy to "be in the world but of the world"

That means to me to be an objective observer of your life and not let your judgement get in the way. How easy is that? Well it isn't. I have been so angry with a situation that I could not see straight. I have been so worried and anxious over a situation that I had a headache. It is only when I become centered myself that I can see that everything in life is truely temporary. Everything and everyone only is here for a moment in time. Even the greatest tragedy or happiest moment is fleeting. That is because in this classroom of life everything is a lesson to be learned.

In my studies of karma and in my private practice I notice that clients seem to gravitiate to the same issues unless they decide to grow. I notice that about myself as well. Recently someone dear to me said since he has known me I have always been just on the verge of some wonderful success only for someone else to take the glory.

I had to sit and think about that. Maybe it is true that a few large events have been given credit to others but I look at it this way. Without my intervention some rather large changes may not have happened. What would happen if all great ideas just stayed in you mind. Would these ideas be wasted? That is a good question.

Point in case. Many years ago Fran Peragine ,who worked as a VP at HBO. We were talking and pitched an idea to HBO to produce and promote for a concert for Africa. We put a company together and contacted many musicians. My partner at the time was working for a rather famous producer and I had worked with Bill Graham (Promoter) at one time. We made arrangements with PBS and talked to King Biscuit a syndicated radio show about doing this concert...well to a make a long story became LIVEAID>

The reason I bring this to your attention is that at times things are meant to be in the world but maybe you are not the one to receive the acclaim. You myself are just the messenger. Being a messenger is not an easy pill to swallow at times. However if any of you have had a bad day and realized that the one who receives the reward for something you initiated leaves you frustrated-----don't be upset. Remember without you the world not be a better place.

enjoy your life and stay in touch.....

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