Monday, January 14, 2008

Learn to Laugh

Hello it is the new year and I have not put out a blog for over two months. Well it is the new year and I want a blog that everyone will be able to participate. I will be working on joy and happiness. To add the fun I will be asking everyone to email me or post comments on how you are doing as a community.
First things first. If we are unhealthy then we are not living life to our fullest potential. I want to say that I am commited to improving my body and giving it the gift of strength and great nuitrition. In the following episodes I will be sharing with you time management strategies that work so you can be the best person you want to be.
I recently went to a gathering and it was filled with the most wonderfully engaging people that I had met in a long time. We talked of so many things that it was filled with laughter and joy. There was not one lull in the entire evening.
What makes chemistry and magic between people. It is the intention that everyone throws out to make life fun. We have to take a few steps back into our lives only to see what does not work. Hey I am guilty of getting stuck in a rut and having the same discussions over and over again. What do they accomplish?????????????????? Nothing at all. It is always the same impasse. I only say what I say because this time I will convince this person I am right. Guess what it does not usually work that way. I know because I know.
So what does work? Lots of things. First off learning to be patient enough to know when you need to act and when you need to be still. I used to just act and then all hell would break lose. I know now that even when things do not go as planned. Sit back and what the plan that is now unfolding before my eyes.
For example I turn on the weather and it says 10 feet of snow. I look outside and inspect what I see. Nope does not look even remotely like there will be a lot of snow. I have learned over the years that certain natural phenomena has to occur before weather changes radically. I will share that with you another time. For now lets stick at the matter at hand.
Our lives are like a weather report. For the most part we listen to well intentioned friends on what will or won't happen in our lives. They do not know what is in store for us they are using skills based on their own experience. Granted they may be right about certain things but, this is the big but you have been waiting for, you are not wanting to have their experience you want your own.
If you have a receipe for making bread you can pretty much bet that everyone will use the same receipe but each loaf will be slightly different. Even if all the ingredients are measured out the same it will be different. That is why when you are searching for happiness and joy what you want is always going to be different than what your friend or neighbor are searching for.
One of the gifts that I have is the ability to work with people to find out what their unique joy is. What is it that you are searching for. I am going to be working on the blog for the rest of the year. I am inviting you and all of your friends to be a part of this greater experiment in searching for the joy that exists within you. I will be having a workshop 0n March 15 in Oakland, New Jersey for those that can attend. For those of you who want to be a part but cannot travel...well I will be making tapes or a part of the new year resolution to make your life great.
First gift we are going to work on is the thoughts behind you stopping yourself from your goal. Remember each goal is different but the way to approach it will be guided by you. Weight will be addressed. Why weight? Well your health is important. In order to follow your dreams you need to be in the best health you can be. I know I overcame cancer and it is so important to bless that gift of life. So what do you think? Please feel free to post on the blog or email me If you cannot attend in person we will be able to set up a seperate page and you will be able to be a part of this great experiment of life....enjoy your life and enjoy your world...Peace Denise